Erysipelas Skin Infection

Erysipelas is a particular type of skin infection (cellulitis) that is characterized by blisters; skin that is red, swollen, warm and/or painful to the touch; or by lesions with raised borders that most frequently appear on the face or legs. It also appears as sores on the cheeks and bridge of the nose. Symptoms may include redness and pain at the affected site, fevers, and chills. It is usually caused by the Streptococcus bacteria, the same bacteria that causes strep throat, and can occur in both adults and children. This skin infection is not considered contagious since the bacteria has to enter the body through broken skin, such as a cut, insect bite, or a scratch.

Erysipelas requires medical treatment, so you should contact your dermatologist as soon as you suspect you may have this infection. Antibiotics (usually penicillin) are generally prescribed to prevent the spread of the infection. Medications for pain and fever may also be used. In severe cases, the patient may need to have antibiotics delivered intravenously.